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Investigating Stonebridge Crossing

FSARG investigated the Tanners Street and Lower West Street area, whilst “Hunting the Anglo-Saxons” and, several years later returned to the other side of the valley, to look in detail at the Davington Plateau and Brent Hill. These investigations yielded discoveries of Mesolithic tools, a medieval manor and Roman and Anglo-Saxon pottery.  In 2015, FSARG returned to try and fill the gap between the findings on the Davington Plateau and those in Tanners Street and Lower West Street.  It seemed to us that this crossing of the Westbrook has been a focus for human settlement and movement for a very long time, with evidence from the area going back 14,000 years. This project was an attempt to increase our understanding of the area immediately adjacent to Stonebridge Crossing.

32 Crosoer 238 Tanners St 3 Tuns.JPG

Excavation Reports

Archaeology of the Upper Basin, Faversham Creek

This study area is bounded by lower West Street, Stonebridge Pond, Faversham Creek and North Lane. The paper draws upon archaeological excavations carried out by FSARG and others, surveys, and the large archive of maps and photographs at the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre in Faversham, on such stalwarts as Swaine’s 1969 survey of historic buildings in Faversham, the knowledge of experts in Faversham history and local residents with long memories.

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