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Lost Tower of Luddenham

This was a 'Time Team' type project to find the foundations of the lost tower of Luddenham Church. St Mary of Luddenham is a classic manorial church, which lies close to the manor house, Luddenham Court. It used to serve a wide rural parish, having a healthy congregation of 264 in 1871.  In 1972 the church became redundant and is nowadays administered by the Churches Conservation Trust.  The church tower, located on the north side of the church and containing three bells, collapsed around 1806, damaging the nave and chancel. When the church was repaired in 1807-08 all traces of the north tower disappeared, and it was replaced with a red brick tower at the south west corner of the church.   FSARG had just 3 days to find the Lost Tower of Luddenham.

Now you see it (1803)

Now you don't (2011)

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